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COVID-19 Stories from Garmian, Kurdish Region of Iraq

The COVID 19-quarantine restrictions created a new situation for everyone. Difficult times, relaxing times, boring times, productive times, scary and dangerous times.
We wanted to hear about your experience in these extraordinary days. That is why we asked for your stories. And we received many. A lot of you were telling us about how productive you were, how much you enjoyed the time with your families and many more positive things.
But we also received very sad and dramatic stories telling about economic pressure and family conflicts and violence.

HAUKARI members in Germany and Kurdistan-Iraq have read all of them, all of them were touching and inspiring. We have selected three of them, which have been written with specific dedication, emotions, and urgency. Stories which are important to be told, although they are sad.

Thank everyone who participated in the Haukari e.V. story telling contest of Garmian during the Covid-19 lockdown! Congratulations to the three winners! You can read their stories following the links below (all names are changed).

For the kurdish version of the stories please check HAUKARI in your facebook account

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2020 von Admin

HAUKARI Garmyan team and Rizgary Women Handicraft Group

The Women Handicraft Group from the Rizgary Youth Center, which is supported by HAUKARI e.V. is daily producing face masks, head covers and protective clothes for health staff to be distributed to staff of public and health services in the Garmyan Region.
In the last two weeks, they had daily visits by local TV and radio teams to report on their initiative.
Here we have translated one coverage shown on the morning magazine “Good Morning Kurdistan” on the TV channel Kurdistan TV on the 20th of April, 2020.


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2020 von Admin

Unterstützung in Zeiten der Pandemie

Ein Eindruck der Arbeit unserer ProjektpartnerInnen in der Germian-Region, Kurdistan-Irak


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2020 von Admin

Anfal Remembrance Day 2020 - message to the survivors from HAUKARI

14.4.2020- remembrance day dedicated to the victims of the Anfal operations against the Kurdish population in Iraq 1988.

Message to the survivors by HAUKARI Germany.

[english version] https://youtu.be/iO1S5Ki6cho

[kurdish version] https://youtu.be/PkLZP-x4F1o

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2020 von Admin

2. Rundbrief: Nothilfe in Zeiten des Corona-Virus

Körperliche Distanz – Soziale Nähe – Internationale Solidarität!

Liebe FreundInnen, KollegInnen, UnterstützerInnen von HAUKARI e.V.,

hier findet Ihr unseren zweiten Rundbrief zum Thema "Körperliche Distanz - Soziale Nähe - Internationale Solidarität" mit neuen Informationen zu unserer Arbeit in Kurdistan-Irak und dem Link zum gerade fertiggestellten Film über die Internationale Konferenz "Soziale Arbeit in Konfliktgebieten " im Oktober 2019 an der Universität Sulaimania in Kurdistan--Irak.

Hier geht es zum Rundbrief


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2020 von Admin


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